Initially Afgha.com started as a project of a French/Belgian student who loved the country and wanted to provide a source of independent information when Afghanistan was not in the news anymore.

In 2001 I joined the website Afgha.com 2 days before the September 11th attacks on the US when Ahmad Shah Massoud, the only remaining Afghan leader fighting the Taliban, was assassinated in Panjsher.

A few years after the the US-led War on Terror reached Afghanistan and the reconstruction efforts continued, we disbanded the website.

20 years later the Taliban are back, foreign militaries have left the country and the Afghan people are again at the mercy of the Taliban – and again only Panjsher is resisting, this time with Ahmad Massound, the son of the assassinated national hero.

With the situation in Afghanistan suddenly spiraling out of control, I have revived the website that used to be one of the only sources of news and information from Afghanistan during the old reign of the Taliban to provide the same service again, but this time also with information for Afghans who want to leave the country to lead a better life.

To accomplish this, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, contacts etc on ongoing evacuation efforts per country.

As the evacuation mission has now concluded, I have started collecting and providing an overview of resettlement programs per country.

Both lists contain information for Afghan nationals who want to leave the country (eg local staff of international organisations, journalists and other at risk people) as well as information for anyone outside of Afghanistan who wants to help.

Both will be updated as new programs and schemes are announced or details are changed.

You can also follow/discuss the latest news here.

If you have any information on schemes to help Afghan nationals, want to help or have any other questions you can contact us here.