The organisations listed below provide support to vulnerable people in Afghanistan, such as women and children, as well as Afghan refugees around the world.

We try to only include organisations that have robust monitoring mechanisms and that ensure that donations reach the target groups.

If you would like to have any organisation added to the list, or if you think that one should be removed, please contact us here via the online form.

The Massoud FoundationThe Massoud Foundation is an independent institution reflecting the viewpoints, thoughts, and Islamic and national aspirations of Ahmad Shah Massoud.
The Foundation aims to build on these forerunners and realize the aspirations through academic, cultural, social, and economic programs
Mahboba’s Promise
Mahboba’s Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the disadvantaged women, widows, children and orphans of Afghanistan.
Baba Marazi Foundation
Baba Mazari Foundation (BMF) has partnered with World Hazara Council, Hazara International and Hazara Committee in the UK to aid victims of the Taliban onslaught in different parts of Afghanistan.
more to come…