How Kabul became an evacuation bottleneck and a prime terror target: The Last 96

Source: Fox News

A new series “Fox News Digital Originals” analyses the reasons behind the fall of Kabul and the last days before the evacuation mission this year. It contains some nuanced information but should be read with a grain of salt considering the source.

Mick Mulroy, a former senior Defense Department official in the Trump administration who now thinks it was a mistake to negotiate with the Taliban, and other experts give their analyses on why the Afghan National Army was not able to defend the country against the Taliban.

According to the experts who spoke to Fox News Afghanistan’s fall and the chaos at Kabul airport was a result of a combination of complementary factors:

  • the peace deal’s effects on the Afghan government and military’s morale and confidence;
  • the U.S.-trained Afghan army’s reliance on air support;
  • the Taliban’s highly effective military and diplomatic strategies;
  • and the U.S.’ failure to hold a crucial air base and keep the Taliban out of Kabul until it completed its evacuation.

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