is back

Dear readers,

finally after more than 2 years is back online!

As most of you are aware was always run by a team of volunteers; unfortunately other responsibilities of our volunteers did not leave any time to continue workin on the site.

In addition we had to migrate the system to a newer version which exposed major problems due to the large database of articles and comments we have collected so far and which we don't want to loose by upgrading to a new system.

We have now installed the new version of Drupal and are will start to collect articles, news, etc and post original content on this new site, while in the meantime we will be working in the background to make our old articles available via an archive function.

The roll-out of the system will be done step-by-step, we will not have all functionality available at the beginning; we will start out with aggregating news from various sources, then add more categories, different sections (forums, reference information) and finally user registration and commenting functions.

Your team