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Government spent £700k on company advising Afghans not to flee before Taliban takeover

Source: The Independent

The government has given more than £700,000 to a company that advised Afghans not to flee the country before the Taliban takeover.

An investigation by The Independent revealed that the Home Office has handed the “migration behaviour change” firm at least £702,000 since 2016, and it may have been given even more money by the Foreign Office during the same period.

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The End of the Afghanistan War Was Even Worse Than Anyone Realized

Source: Slate.com

It is now widely conceded that America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, the longest in our history, was a tragic bungle of monumental proportions. However, we are just beginning to learn that the final phase of the war—not so much the frantic evacuation but the entire last three years, as we tiptoed toward the exits—was disgraceful in its own appalling way.

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