Resettlement reports from the US

More than a month after the evacuation flights have begun and the resettlement efforts have ramped up in the US local news outlets report on the progress and experiences for the local population and Afghan refugees arriving in the US.

In this regular feature we will give you an overview of multiple articles and reports found in different sources.

The Denver Post tells the story of an Afghan interpreter who finally made it to Colorado with the help of a US veteran after having waited for a decade to get a special immigration visa (SIV).

NPR carries an interview with one of their former staff in Afghanistan who is now at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, which currently hosts about 13,000 Afghan refugees, about her experience in the US so far.

The Seattle Times reports on the resettlement efforts in Washington state. 1,670 Afghans are expected there as part of the resettlement schemes. The report also provides an overview of the evacuation process comprising of the special immigration visa, special immigrant parolee and humanitarian parolee paths.

On the negative side, CBS 4 News reports from a visit of a US representative to Fort Bliss, a military base in New Mexico housing around 10,000 Afghan refugees. The representative talked to military staff regarding the vetting process of Afghan refugees along with searched for answers to a recent assault on a Fort Bliss soldier by a group of Afghan refugees.

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