Taliban unlawfully killed 13 ethnic Hazara people, Amnesty says

Source: BBC

The Taliban murdered 13 ethnic Hazara people including a teenage girl, according to a prominent rights group.

Amnesty International said it found evidence the victims were massacred in Daykundi province in August.

Nine were former government soldiers who had surrendered to the Taliban, Amnesty said, adding that the killings appeared to be a war crime.

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Hundreds throng passport office in Afghan capital

Source: Reuters

KABUL, Oct 6 (Reuters) – Hundreds of Afghans flocked to the passport office in Kabul on Wednesday, just a day after news that it would re-open this week to issue the documents, while Taliban security men had to beat back some in the crowd in efforts to maintain order.

Taliban officials have said the service will resume from Saturday, after being suspended since their takeover and the fall of the previous government in August, which stranded many of those desperate to flee the country.

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Afghanistan to start issuing passports again after months of delays

Source: Reuters

KABUL, Oct 5 (Reuters) – Afghanistan will start issuing passports to its citizens again on Tuesday, a senior official said, following months of delays that hampered attempts by those trying to flee the country after the Taliban seized control in August.

The process, which had slowed even before the Islamist militants’ return to power following the withdrawal of U.S. forces, will provide applicants with documents physically identical to those issued by the previous government, the official said.

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