With Haqqanis at the Helm, the Taliban Will Grow Even More Extreme

Source: Foreignpolicy.com

Afghanistan’s newly appointed minister of interior and acting minister of refugees each have $5 million bounties on their head for their involvement with international terrorism. Sirajuddin Haqqani and his uncle, Khalil, are members of the Haqqani network, an Afghan Sunni Islamist militant organization that is functionally part of the Taliban and which the United States designated as a foreign terrorist organization in 2012.

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Why Congress Must Pass an Afghan Adjustment Act

Source: Newsweek

At a U.S. government facility in Texas where refugees relocated from Afghanistan are being processed, Afghan children twirl American flags in the desert wind and decorate the inside of their tents with the stars and stripes. Transports flow in and out the sprawling facility, airlifting Afghan evacuees whose families fled from Afghanistan. Having found refuge in the U.S., many Afghans wonder—how long can they stay?

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Resettlement Reports

More than a month after the evacuation flights have begun and the resettlement efforts have ramped up in local news outlets report on the progress and experiences for the local population and Afghan refugees arriving in their new homes.

In this regular feature we will give you an overview of multiple articles and reports found in different sources.

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Back in Exile: Afghan Stories of a Near Distant Past

Source: The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies

In 20 years of American-backed governments Afghanistan has changed immensely – singers, activists, and journalists showed the country that beyond the bloodshed, a world of culture, music, and beauty existed. Many of them were raised outside the country and returned to the homeland left by their parents in the previous wars. They helped rebuilding the nation, and now they are “back in exile,” joined by many other Afghans who managed to escape after the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul in mid-August.

Afghans exiles have been developing various discourses, including recording the memories of their flight, expressing nostalgia of a yearned-for past, and calling for social-political mobilization for the motherland.

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