Resettlement Support: United Kingdom (Updated 09/09/21)

Update (09/09/2021): The UK government has released a factsheet for people evacuated from Afghanistan. It provides information on rights and the next steps regarding immigration status in the UK – read more GOV.UK

After the flights airlifting British citizens and local Afghan allies have stopped, the UK government announced that the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) would be updated to show the government’s commitment to protect the Afghan citizens who worked with and for UK organizations and help them evade the risks they are exposed to in Afghanistan.

Below we collect the latest information about ARAP and other related programs to provide an some guidance and overview for eligible people on what schemes exists, who is eligible, how to apply, etc.

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Biden Deserves Credit, not Blame for Afghanistan

David Rothkopf, a political scientist, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, argues that “President Biden deserves credit, not blame” for the “political courage to fully end America’s involvement”

In 2018, Rothkopf became a registered foreign agent and media consultant for the United Arab Emirates (The Intercept), but his piece in the Atlantic is still worth a read.

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