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Why Congress Must Pass an Afghan Adjustment Act

Source: Newsweek

At a U.S. government facility in Texas where refugees relocated from Afghanistan are being processed, Afghan children twirl American flags in the desert wind and decorate the inside of their tents with the stars and stripes. Transports flow in and out the sprawling facility, airlifting Afghan evacuees whose families fled from Afghanistan. Having found refuge in the U.S., many Afghans wonder—how long can they stay?

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Resettlement Reports

More than a month after the evacuation flights have begun and the resettlement efforts have ramped up in local news outlets report on the progress and experiences for the local population and Afghan refugees arriving in their new homes.

In this regular feature we will give you an overview of multiple articles and reports found in different sources.

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Rest of the world

Qatar helps tens of thousands of Afghans flee the Taliban

Source: CBS News

Two months after the Taliban re-took Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans continue to flee the country on evacuation flights organized by the government of Qatar. Young and old, they consider themselves the lucky ones, and carry just a few precious possessions with them as they take a chance at new lives abroad, away from the extremist group.

Nabi Roshan, one of the country’s most popular comedians, is among those fleeing. Before the Taliban takeover, he hosted a nightly TV show where no jokes were off limits, including ones about the group.

Now, after he received death threats, he and his family are on the run.

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When Businesses Do Good: AirBnB.org Supporting Afghan Refugees

Source: Forbes

As the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was turning ugly, and the Taliban took province after province, the world watched as the concept of human rights disappeared overnight and a massive exodus began for those in fear for their lives. Reports of mass killings and the targeting of religious minorities, women and girls, human rights defenders and others, followed. 

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‘I was born in war’: an Afghan family’s joy at resettlement in UK

Source: Guardian

An intricately handwoven rug is one of the few things British embassy worker Shukoor Sangar and his family were able to bring with them when they were hastily airlifted out of Kabul in August.

It now covers the grey carpet in the living room of the family’s new flat, courtesy of the west London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, which has worked with the Home Office to offer permanent housing to four families among the 7,000 people brought to the UK under the Afghan relocations and assistance policy (Arap).

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White House makes massive change to resettlement program to help Afghan refugees

Source: CNN

(CNN)The Biden administration is taking an unprecedented step to resettle the 55,600 Afghan evacuees from the US military bases where they’ve been living for weeks and into permanent homes, an official leading the effort told CNN.

The move marks the biggest change to the resettlement program since 1980, when the modern-day infrastructure for admitting refugees was put in place.

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Afghan refugees declaring themselves homeless over resettlement issues

Source: BBC

Dozens of Afghan families staying in hotels as part of a scheme to resettle them are declaring themselves homeless.

More than 200 families have asked councils in London for emergency accommodation.

They are concerned that the Home Office scheme they are currently part of could see them moved to anywhere in the UK and away from family and friends.

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Over 40% of Afghan refugees at US bases are children, Pentagon says

Source: CNN

44% of Afghan refugees housed temporarily at eight US military bases are children, according to a letter from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

34% of the refugee population at the bases are adult men, and 22% are adult women, the letter which is dated October 8 states.

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